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Shane you are my knight in shining armor you saved my day and my hair!

So a few days ago I was asked by Shane (pictured below) if I would like to come to YanHair and review their new store. They offered a free cut and blowdry and I just paid for the colouring, which I have been wanting to get rid of the red in my hair for a while now. I headed down the next day to visit the store and get my self booked-in with Shane himself.

It finally came to the day when I was going to lose my red for good and I was so excited! I had been going to many other hairdressers to see if anyone could get rid of the red but everyone turned me away and then YanHair saved me! I was so delighted when I was told that YanHair would it for me. I had to go down for a skin test and a they took a hair sample to see how the red in my hair would come out, then a few hours later Shane messaged me saying "We can do your hair!" I was so excited.

But first off I want to start with how amazing the inside of the store looks. This place is beautiful and it's also the ONLY place in Leicester that sells and uses AVEDA products! Aveda only uses 100% natural ingredients which are all plant based with nothing else added, now I know we all want our hair to smell like flowers don't we? Aveda sells every possible item that you might need, anything for dry damaged hair to an oily scalp, anything you may need they have it. Aveda also has their own sun range for your hair! I know right, sunscreen for your hair! Their sun care products are best used before blow drying your hair to make it healthy and strong to the heat. Now back to the store itself, YanHair is the most welcoming salon I have been to in such a long time. As I was saying before the inside is just gorgeous, it is cream and pastel coloured and they have four different work areas; from colouring, cutting, washing and styling, they also have a second floor which I didn't realize they had.

 When it came to the day for my hair it was a day a of pampering, the wonderful Shane told me step by step what we was going to do and how he was going to do it. Knowing that red is a very difficult colour to remove from hair I was quite nervous about it all, but Shane made me feel so relaxed. The first part of my hair was losing the red, of course a bleach bath was in order, but instead of coming back for multiple sessions he did it all in one go.

(My hair colour before it was all bleached out)
 (The wonderful Shane!)
Just watching all the red in my hair just fade away was so strange, I have never seen my hair go like that before but at the same time it felt good knowing it was all fading without any issues. After sitting for around 30 minutes my hair was a lighter blonde colour than it had ever been in my whole life! I mean the bleach really striped the hair dye I had in my hair, so then it came time to finally wash away all my red and see my natural colour once again. As I said before YanHair is the only salon that uses Aveda hair products, so of course they used them on my hair. 

The products that Shane used on me were:
  • Style Prep Primer - Use on wet hair before blow drying 
  • Naturally Straight - Apply on wet hair after using the primer
  • Shampoo - Smooths and softens to reduce frizz
  • Conditioner - Smooths and softens to reduce frizz

You can buy each of these items in store which I think is also amazing, you can just pop in and pick some up. While I was having my hair done I was super relaxed because the wash basin chairs at YanHair have built-in back massagers! Yes you saw that a back massage while getting your hair done and oh my god it was amazing.

Now it came to my colouring I was shocked when I was told that Aveda also does hair dye, that is one thing that I never knew that they had so I was so delighted when Shane told me I just couldn't wait. After a good couple of minutes so decided on the base colour I was going to have. I have been wanting to go blonde for some time now but as shane calls it "Strawberry Blonde" Before even applying the colour into my hair I learned another new thing about Aveda and YanHair. YanHair is the only salon that serves Aveda tea! LIKE WHAT! TEA! Yes tea! I was shocked as well, a huge hair brand has their own relaxing tea. This tea is peppermint and licorice flavoured and is 100% caffeine free, it was delicious! After around 15 minutes of drinking it I felt so calm and relaxed that I could have just fallen asleep in the chair! Trust me, when you visit Yans ask for this tea it is just fabulous!

Going back to my hair, the two colour shades that transformed my hair were 7N Natural Medium Blonde and Light V/B Light Violet Blue which turned my hair into an amazing soft caramel blonde, AKA "Strawberry Blonde." I just fell in love with the colour once it was all washed off and I could finally see the results. I was shock at first thinking "What, I came in red and now im leaving as a blonde!" The final stage for my hair was a cut but all I really wanted was a trim and some layers softening again. Shane did this all for me and then presto I was a blonde, I still can't believe all Shane and YanHair have been able to do for me. I dont know how I can thank them anymore.

Overall YanHair inside and out is just stunning, I love the outside and the look on the inside is perfect. Such a welcome theme it is a warm and happy place to be, and as soon as you step foot into their salon you feel so relaxed. I'm not surprised, with such amazing smells of fresh flowers from every Aveda product they stock and use. I used Aveda many years ago and was so heartbroken when I found that most places stopped selling and using it, but now I couldn't be happier knowing that Yan uses and stocks this amazing hair care line.
Ever staff member in YanHair are welcoming and super friendly. They love making you feel warm and comfortable, as well having a great conversation while they tend to your every need.

I would like to thank YanHair and Shane for making themselves available to me and for giving me this amazing opportunity to review them. YanHair Leicester thank you for transforming me from red to blond, I love my new hair colour. I can't stop looking at it, I still can't believe Shane has done this for me. I will be using YanHair as my permanent hairdresser from now on.

YanHair Salon can be found on
53A - 55 Queens Road
Telephone - 0116 270 9890 
E-mail - 
Website -

Dont be afraid to contact them and book yourself an appointment!

So have you visited YanHair yet?

Until next time


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