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* Blogosphere Magazine What's Its All About *

So I know many people have been asking "What is Blogosphere?" My question to you is WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!? but it is no problem as I'm about to tell you what it is all about and how I have come to fall in love with this magazine. A lot of people first asked me where do you buy the magazine from or even how had I heard about them.

Let's start with how Blogosphere got where they are today, shall we?
So back around 2014-2015 the amazing Alice Audley created her very first Blogosphere and she should be so proud of how far she has come over the past few years. I first saw Blogosphere when I went to the #EastMidsMeetUp back in 2016, that is where met Alice, she was so lovely, she explained what it was all about and how she made Blogosphere what it is today.

The very first magazine I received from Blogosphere was issue 8 and 9 from the local event that I went to and ever since that day I have been hooked. I wouldn't be where I am today without this magazine, but what I love most is that it's written by bloggers for bloggers which is just amazing reading about some other bloggers. The bloggers they interview are featured on the front of the cover as well. When I finished reading the first couple of magazines I knew that I needed this magazine in my life, so I decided to purchase a bronze subscription. The subscription services are available online and doing their yearly subscriptions lets you have the magazine before it even hits the shelves in your local WHSmiths. There are four different levels you can choose from and each comes with different prices depending on what is included, they range from £25.00 to £250 but you do get some amazing opportunities with them. For example the £250 one gives you an invitation to attend one a cover reveal party, a coffee with the editor, 25% discount on tickets, and FOUR free events including workshops and meet ups. I am hoping to upgrade later on this the year but for now I am currently on the £25.00 a year deal and I am loving it!

Now that I know about Blogosphere I can't be without it! I love displaying it on my shelves and even using it in my instagram photos, it's the perfect read and the perfect photo prop which is what we all want right?

Moving on I have to say I adore how this magazine looks! It's made with such care and grace that it always come out looking so beautiful, you can't help but to show it off to people! (or is that just me?) I can't say how many times I have read these magazine now, they are the kind that you just can't stop reading or even throw away! (If you do WHAT ARE YOU DOING!) Issue 12 is the first magazine to have two different front covers, which I love! It has a beautiful pink and a perfect black so you can get so many different photos with them. I hope for the next issues they will do the same thing. Blogosphere if you're reading please do the double cover again!

The magazine is focused around many different bloggers all over the country, reading about different bloggers is so inspiring. Seeing how they have become what they are today it got me to reach out and read so many different blogs in the past 2 years! As well I have made some amazing friends from this magazine. The amount of bloggers I have found is unbelievable, there are definitely a lot more bloggers on my reading list now.

My instagram made it into issue 12!!

With a magazine filling 150 pages of beautiful bloggers and photos what is not to love about this, like I said its the perfect magazine for bloggers by bloggers. This magazine has everything you need in one place! Each design is beautiful, the interviews are amazing, just EVERYTHING I can't say anything negative about it because there is nothing negative to say, trust me. The magazine has many different categories including; fashion, parenting, fitness, beauty, food, lifestyle, travel, and photography. If there is a specific type of blogging that you are looking for then there is a categories for you! Trust me though once you open it you will want to read every page inside just like me!.

So overall guys it is definitely worth buying this magazine, but it's even better to do the yearly subscription. If you want to see what subscriptions they have then you can check out their website here. The magazine is beautiful, just everything about it is stunning and Alice has done such a wonderful job on each issue. I can't wait to read many more to come and add more to my collection.

So dont forget to follow Blogosphere on Twitter and Instagram! Every Monday they do a LIVE Instagram chat with everyone and #BlogosphereChat Sundays at 8pm. So go ahead and follow them if you have any question you would like to ask Alice or the team

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If you have any question you would like to ask about the magazine then comment below and let me know.

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  1. I've heard a little bit about the magazine on Twitter, but now I'm really interested to have a read! I think I'll try and grab a copy in WH Smith to see if I want to subscribe.

    1. Yes grab your copy and have a read you will love it x


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