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So I wanted to tell you about my surprise Valentine's Day treat that Joey gave me, I know Valentine's Day was awhile back now but I really wanted to share with you all about it. I also want to share with you all about the hotel we stopped in called Radisson Blu Hotel - East Midlands Airport now I never thought that I was getting a beautiful night away in this stunning hotel that I didn't even know existed! 

When I woke up on Valentine's morning I carried on doing what I normally do during the day, when the afternoon came Joey told me that an uber was on its away and he was taking me for a Valentine's night away. I never expected him to do it at all so I was rushing around getting ready but he told me he already had an overnight bag packed and we were good to go. When we arrived at the hotel I was amazed with how beautiful the place was. It was in a stunning blue colour which matched the hotel name perfectly all of the staff was so friendly, When we got booked in and travelled to our room for the evening it was beautiful. We had a beautiful white bathroom with a power shower, and a huge king size bed with a stunning bird wallpaper it was just so beautiful.

When we headed back down to the ground floor we went to the hotel bar for a couple of drink (Who doesn't drink on valentine's day?) The bar was a nice bright vintage kind of style with a blossom tree hanging over it which really made it eye catching. They had a nice selection of hot drinks, wines, beers and of course cocktails! So we spent some time having some drinks while we were having a drink I was told I had a full body massage booked within the hotel spa! YES they had a spa and I had a FULL BODY massage! Which I had never had before. As we finished our drinks I was then escorted to the spa called Serenity the inside of the spa looked calm and peaceful, I was unable to take photos unfortunately but honestly the size was amazing. After my hour massage, I had never felt more calm and relaxed in my whole life, I just really wanted to relax on the bed and enjoy a little nap. As I went back to the room and open the door there was rose petals everywhere, the floor was covered and even the bed with a bunch of roses and a few gifts that joey had gotten for me. I was so speechless when I walked in I didn't know what to say but I remember that I did tear up a bit, no one had ever done anything like this for me before.

He bought me Uptown Girl Lip Kit - Charlotte Tilbury, Valentines Lush Gift Set and two Pandora Charms which I never even expected to get. I love everything he got me so much that I even started crying while I was opening them up. After I open my gifts I was told a hot bath was waiting for me with some pink wine and he even PINCHED one of my bath bomb from home sneaky! After about an hour we headed back down to the lobby for dinner at the Runway Brasserie which was beautifully laid out with a nice silver and purple theme to match the rest of the hotel. The staff members in the restaurant were so lovely and were very chatty towards everyone. There was also such a amazing selection of good food to choose from but me being me I went with the classic pizza and I couldn't believe how big it was when it came out! The food tasted amazing we both thought of having a pudding but we decided to have them ordered to the room so we asked for two puddings and headed back to the room for the night.

Over all I had such a magical evening at the Radisson Blu and the place is unbelievable. I would definitely go there again the place is beautiful, the staff are so friendly and helpful. There is so much you can do a Spa day, Swimming, Gym, Dining, Bar you can have a wonderful get away at the Radisson Blu. Thank you so much Joey for taking me for the perfect Valentine's day get away, I loved every moment of it, I cant wait to visit there again with you.

So tell me have you been to Radisson Blu Hotel yet?

Their website.

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  1. This hotel looks lovely! I've stayed in a Radisson Blu hotel in London and it was SO NICE. Would definitely go back xx

    1. I loved every moment of it 😍😍 i would definitely go back to xx

  2. It sounds like the perfect romantic staycation! And the hotel looks so chic!


    1. It was romantic ive nevet had this done to me before 😍 i loved it



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