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I finally got my hands on the beautiful eyeshadow palette from Too Faced, the Natural Love Eyeshadow Collection. I have been waiting for so long for this to come to the United Kingdom, it first came out in the United States and buying it from the website is a lot more then buying it in the store. I waited and on the 25th April 2017 I finally got my hands on it and now it's apart of my collection.

I picked mine up from my local Debenhams store in Leicester, the normal price for this palette is £52.00 but I picked mine up for £46.50 which has 10% OFF. Another great thing the lady behind the counter told me was that it was their launch day so they were having 10% off everything, I couldn't turn down that offer! So I'm going to give you my thought on this palette.

First of all I want to start with the packaging, I love the design they have created for this overall look. The stunning roses and vines really make it feel like spring also on the packaging there is cute bunnies and birds which brings it all together with a stunning natural backing and a gold shimmer around the outside. The Too Faced and Natural Love wording is a felt material which is so stunning to touch and it comes in a super thin case for easy storage so it won't take much room in your makeup draws. It comes with a super large mirror which is the same size as the packaging having a big mirror is what every girl needs in their make-up draw.

In this collection you get 30 beautiful shades, yes you saw that 30! Having that amount of shadows just think how many looks you can create with this palette! Looking at the shadows you get 21 shimmer shades and 9 matte shades. The textures of each one are so creamy and pigmented the names of the shades in this collection are also great names they include;

Haven, Fairy Tale, Nudie, Tickle Me, Don't Settle, Fingers crossed, Lace Teddy, Satin Sheets, Push-up, Honey Pot, Chocolate Martini Undercover

Pink Cheeks, Kittens, Bunny Nose, Moonbeam, Love Bug, Smokin, Poodle, Cutie Patootie, Dear Diary, Coffee Date, Spoiled, Night Fever, Spotlight, Honey Butter, Honeymoon, Hot & Bothered, Makeup & Chill, and Stiletto

 So as you can see from the swatches each of the shades is so much you can play with and create some amazing looks. You get some beautiful colours in here from darks to lights which is what we all need in our eyeshadow collection. With this palette there isn't a scent like with their Chocolate Bar or Sweet Peach collection, which I think is a shame because I quite like the smell of those shadows. I wouldn't be too sure what scent to have this palette but I still LOVE IT.

Over all I am so happy I finally got my hands on this collection and now being able to show you all what I think about it I have been waiting for so long. It feels great to finally have it in my hands knowing I can use it for everyday wear and create some amazing looks from it. The only downside I feel towards this palette is that some of the shades you have to add quite a lot to the eye to get the effect on the shade you're after, so thats is the only downside to me about the Natural Love. Other then that I love the shades, the packaging, the name Too Faced you have done it again with another great collection. I can't wait to see what you come up with next to make my eyes even more beautiful!

Have you tried Too Faced Natural Love yet?

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  1. What a stunning palette, certainly perfect for this time of year! Your blog is so lovely.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  2. All of the colours on this palette look so wearable and pretty. I'm jealous. <3
    And your photography is beautiful as always. You have a real eye for it.

    V <3

  3. First of all, I bloody love your new blog layout it's absolutely gorgeous! And your photography is amazing these days, congrats!

    This palette is definitely the sort of colouring I go for and I'm tempted to buy it next time I run out of my Naked Dupe one I'm using atm (and have repurchased 3 times) I've never really tried Too Faced but their packaging is gorgeous and your photos make it look even more beaut.

    Rebecca, xo

    1. Thank you hunni! Im loving my photos to now learnt from so many people and took quite a few takes but ive got there.

      Hehe thanks loving my pinks! 💖 xxx

  4. What a beautiful set of shadows!! I have major envy going on right now. I love all the pinks and shimmers. I very rarely go for matte shadows as I am definitely a glitter and shimmer girl, so this would be perfect for me.
    The photos you've taken of this are beautiful, and your new layout is killer! I love the header fading to white. Looking gorgeous!


    1. I miss you hunni! I hope your having a good time. Have you got this palette yet then? These colours would suit you babe trust me.


  5. I am SO unbelievably jealous this palette looks amaaaazing! Lovely photos and swatches too!

    Love Izzy |

  6. Oh my goodness, this palette looks so gorgeous! I really do love Too Faced shadows, especially the little Natural Mattes one, and Boudoir Eyes, so this looks right up my street. Such gorgeous packaging as well. Gorgeous pics x

  7. What a lovely looking palette. I would probably use most, if not all, of those shades. Too Faced makes some of the best palettes.


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