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So I was approached by an amazing company, called Blossoming Gifts and was asked if I would be interested in doing a review a bouquet of flowers. So of course I said yes and I wanted to tell you all about the flowers I was given.

I know many girls out there love having a nice set of flowers to look at like me. When I received this beautiful bouquet of lilies and roses I loved first off how they come in a protective box with the brand logo all printed on it and the flowers were perfectly wrapped up safe. They even sent me a little box of chocolates to enjoy, which I thought was really sweet of them. The flowers came with a small amount of water and food to help them bloom and grow healthier.

They do have some downsides to them, but many positive as well. I think i'll start with the downside first which was that the roses didn't last as long as any of the other flowers which was a really shame. I find that getting flowers from a florist, rather than ordering, they last longer and bloom longer but then these roses and some of them were a bit broken also. Apart from the roses the rest of the flowers were great. The lilies were beautiful and gave out a really great scent that filled the room every time I walked through the door and just watching each one open is great too, with the different sizes and colours of each lilie it's beautiful. The purple roses really stood out from the rest as the orange ones looked like they had seen better days, however the purple ones look great and fresh and I just love the colour they give out too.

After a few days once they had received more water and food they started to bloom out and the wonderful aroma was getting stronger and stronger, which is what we want from a stunning bouquet am I right? You can get many different types for many different occasions as well from Blossoming Gifts, which I think is another great thing about them.

Overall the bouquet lasted from around 2 -3 weeks which is another rather amazing thing about their flowers. For the prices you pay you get a great amount of time to enjoy them which is well worth it in the end. So I'd like to thank Blossoming Gifts for giving me this great chance to review such a beautiful bouquet of flowers I love them and they smell wonderful.

If you would like to buy your own set or if you have someone special to buy some for you can find everything you need at 

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