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* The Disney Tag 2017 *

Helloooo everyone, I hope your all having a great week so far! So I wanted to do another Disney Tag Post because you all know how much I love Disney and I know so many people out there do as well so I thought this would be a good thing to put on my blog and you are welcome to use this tag yourself.

So I'm just going to go straight into this post if you do do this tag then tweet me so I can have a read and see what you answered.

1. Favourite Disney Film?

Wow...This one is a hard one because there is so many films that I like but If I had to pick one right now I would have to say the new Beauty and The Beast because I have been watching that none stop at the moment

2. Favourite Disney Character?

Now this one is easy for me but i do have TWO different characters I like so I'm going to say them both and they are Marie and Thumper don't ask me why but they have always been my favourite for so many years now and I have so much stuff with them on.

3. Favourite Disney Princess?

Favourite princess I would have to say Belle 

4. Favourite Disney Side-Kick?

Now this one is an easy one I would have Tinkerbell because she is just so cute and can make you fly which is what we all want right?

5. Favourite Disney Song?

I Can See The Light - Tangled 

6. Which Disney Character Would Be Your Best Friend?

Of course this would have to be Minnie Mouse because she is the ultimate Disney character in my eyes and she would be such a amazing best friend.

7. Who Would Be Your Disney Pet?

100% Stitch he is just so loveable and cute hes just everything in one and plus he is so funny 

8. Have You Ever Been To Disneyland?

I have only ever been to Disneyland Paris but because I am moving to USA ill be doing to Disneyland Florida over there so I am really looking forward to that and meeting a lot more characters and just enjoy being a kid again.

9. Who Is Your Disney Alter Ego?

Ahh this one is a hard one I think it would have to be Rapunzel because I want to go see the world and not stay in one place and just enjoy living life.

10. Who Is Your Favourite Disney Villain?

1000% Maleficent don't ask me why but she has always been my favourite villain for so many years now.

11. Do You Collect Anything Disney Wise?

Of course I have plenty of cups of Marie and Thumper I also collect teddy bears from the Disney Shops (Which I have to many off) but you can never have to much disney stuff am i right?

12. What Disney Film Would You Star In If You Could?

I would love to star in Beauty and The Beast because the ball room scene is just a romantic dance and I would love to make that dream come to and wear and stunning dress like that and just dance with the person I care for and just enjoy being with him in that moment.

13. How Old Were You When You Watched Your First Disney Film?

Wow..I cant remember that far back but I think I was round about 5 so 11 years now and I will never grow out of watching them.

14. What Do You Love About Disney?

There is so much I love about Disney the stories that make the characters and also how they make so many people happy younger kids look up to so many characters from films and want to be just like them. I know i used to do that same when i was younger but I just love how they make each character have there own story and personality and everything about Disney is just stunning there is no dislike about it whatsoever. I just fallen in love with Disney and its one thing that I will never stop loving.

15. Who Is Your Favourite Disney Couple?

I think mine would have to be Aladdin and Jasmine because they are such a perfect fit and she falls for him because of him not because hes a street rat. (If you understand what I mean.).

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