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Anastasia Beverly hills - Norvina Palette

Norvina Norvina!! I'm sure you have all seen this palette all over the internet by now and maybe all over Youtube creating some amazing looks and I finally got my hands on it (on launch date) and I'm now finally sharing with you my thought on this palette. So Anastasia Beverly Hill is a huge makeup company I have heard of this brand for a while now but never really thought about giving them a chance until I saw this palette.

Norvina is Anastasia daughter and I love that they brought a palette for her daughter using her favorite colors and all I can say about it is OMG! and that is what I actually said when I saw a preview video on their twitter account. @ABHCosmetics

So lets start with the packaging I love how she used her all-time favorite color with a stain kind of felt martial but the only disappointment about this is it gets dirty quite easily and the number of reviews I have seen people have said the same thing and now I can see why but I still love how it feels and looks just have to be extra careful on handling the palette. 

Now let's move on the shades all together there are fourteen beautiful shades in this palette and I love them all! there are seven matte shades and seven glitter shades ranging from nudes, pinks, and purples as you can see from the image above.

Shade Descriptions 
Dreamer - Metallic pink champagne
Base - Matte eggshell
Summer - Foiled metallic golden topaz
Soul - Matte Wisteria 
Wild Child - Duo-chrome frosty pink with magenta shift 
Incense - Matte dusty terracotta
Rose Gold - Metallic rosewood
Love - Matte mid-tone cool pink
Celestial - Duo-chrome plum with a violet shift
Volatile - Matte warm charcoal
Dazzling - Cool-tone duo chrome bronze with a violet shift 
Eccentric - Matte dark burnt orange
Drama - Duo chrome aubergine with a cool bronze shift
Passion - Matte deep garnet

Each shade is incredibly pigmented which is what all of us girls want am I right? You can create so many different eyes looks from daytime to night time and I have made some killer looks out of this palette so far. (Which I must share with you all).

So my overall thought on this palette even though the price range is £45.00 which some people might think is over the top but nowadays this is how much palettes are and some are worth the price like this and I would recommend this one to any girls out there who like purple colors and lots of sparkles too.

As Norvina said - I have always wanted to create a palette that embodies my spirit. I'm a dreamer at heart and get lost in my own fantasy world daily. It's a whimsical place that leaves you feeling carefree. If I had to explain how these colors made me feel, I would say "happy."

I know this might not have been a great review but I really wanted to get my thought out about this palette and if you're out there wondering whether to add this one to the collection I would 100% say yes. Each color is beautifully bright and pigmented. Also, Norvina is very Instagram-able as you can see. 

I really hope this review helped you in some way.

Much Love



  1. I fell in love with Norvina at first sight, but since I wasn't a makeup expert, I refrained from buying it... I don't think I would use it as it deserves!

    Greetings from Italy!

  2. I love the packing on this palette, but I don't see myself spending that much money on a palette with those colors since I don't use them that much. I wish it wasn't so expensive


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