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Mane 'n Tail Hair Care - Review

Now you can discover the secret behind luxuriously silky, healthy hair.

Hey guys so I think everyone by now knows about Mane ‘n Tail hair products but me personally I have never seen them before until I saw a photo on Instagram, When I first saw it I thought it was a shampoo for horses (yeah I know right) but by the photos on the front that’s just what I thought but when I found out it was for us I was shocked and was really wanting to try it out.

So for the past few weeks on my new medication I have noticed strands of my hair have been falling out but I don’t know if it’s with my condition I have or it’s the weather or just a side effect on my medication, But I was recommended to try out Mane ‘n tail so I went and ordered myself their shampoo, conditioner and hair strength spray and all together on amazon it came to around £25.00 (yes quite pricey I know).

So after using it for over a week now, I wanted to tell you a review on how I feel about this range and I’m just going to start with saying my hair feels so much stronger! Yes and that is just in one week! I have been using the shampoo and conditioner three times a week and the stranger sprays every day and the difference in my hair is insane. My hair feels so much softer and more thicker then what it used to be I know they are pricey but if you’re suffering with thin, dry damaged hair then I would recommend this hair care for your self’s to try.

For thicker, healthier looking hair.

For Shiny, Manageable hair

There are many different ranges on shampoos you can get in this collection but I went with their original collection as this was the first time I was ever trying the product out but I am so happy with how my hair looks now.

So overall after use this range for just one week I have seen a huge difference in my hair length and thickness so I would highly recommend this range if your suffering with the same issues as me or if your just wanting to grow your hair just want more healthy looking hair in general then I would go and get yourself a set.  If you would like to check out their products you can check them out below and also the different store you can buy them from below.

If you have tried Mane ‘n tail then comment below how you're finding the range for yourself I would love to hear your thought on how your hair is getting on.

I know this wasn't much of a review but I won't lie this is my first time writing a review on hair care products. But I really hope you enjoyed reading my thought on this range and I will see you in my next post.

see you soon x

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