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October Favorites 2018

Hello, my stunning readers! Sorry I haven't posted in over 2 weeks I've been so busy doing bits for my wedding and it's just taken all of my time to get it perfect and crafting my invites as well.

So awhile back I wrote about the different things I have been enjoying each month and I wanted to start bringing that back to my blog and I know its nearly the end of 2018 (OMG where has the time gone). I wanted to start with what I have loved in October.

Unicorn Shimmer Co
The first thing I have been loving is the beautiful and creative Unicorn ShimmerCo if you reading this right now and wondering what the hell I'm talking about GIRL where have you been this year! unicorn shimmer is a company that creates stunning syrups and powders to make any drink have a beautiful shimmer, of course, I went for pink because I'm so in love with the color pink. I have got the shimmer powder which has lasted me all month and I still have half a jar left a little goes a long way and I will be 100% using these at my wedding so everyone has some shimmer to there drinks. If you wanna know more about them go ahead and follow their Instagram account or head on over to the website here.
Instagram - unicornshimmerco

*Video - Taken me*

Jeffree Star - Blood Sugar
Of course, there is some Jeffree star because you all know. Now, this palette is Jeffreys number one selling palette to date with over 500.000 units may be more sold already. Now, this has been used so much from the day I got it the colors are just amazing as you can see in the photo above each color is so pigmented! But I am writing another blog post on this so I won't go into much detail right now but I'm loving this so much.

Jeffree Star - Liquid Frost Highlighter 
Yes I know another Jeffree item but I never actually owned a highlighter from him before so I thought I would try one of the liquid ones and of course I went for a pink/peach shade my shade name is called Frozen Peach.

Eos - Coconut Lip Balm
Now everyone knows about this brand and this has been a life saver for years now I don't go anywhere without it!

Pink Disney Hang Bag
Now this had to be in my favorites because one its Disney and two its Pink so its everything in one! Now I have seen this all over Instagram and I had to grab one for myself and I love everything about it! If you would like one you can get one right here, Share with me on Instagram if you have one or planning on getting one I would love to see you with one.

Zoe Sugg - Cordially invited
 I do have a post about this book which you can read more about here but I had to add this one to my favorites because I've not been able to out it down its given me so many ideas for each season and made them so much magical.

So that's what I have been loving last month and I can't wait to share with you what I will be loving this month! so tell me what things did you love using in October? 

Much love


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