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Step By Step Rainbow Eyelook (MUA)

Hello my darlings!! So, you have come to see how I have created this look then have you. Well, you have come to the right place because I'm going to be telling you to step by step on how I created this look. It's super easy and perfect for a festival or for me I worn it at Pride Festival but it's perfect to wear any time, so let's get straight into it.

First, I always do my base first so do my primer, foundation, etc... but you can do this in any way you want to some people prefer to do their eyes then do everything else afterward. The go ahead and grab your rainbow colors today I will be using the Morphe x James Charles Palette.

Step One.
Primer your eye with your favorite eye primer and add some tape (if you’re like me and was that perfect line). Once you're the eye is primed then go ahead and pack on "You're Kidding" on the inner corner of your eye and blend upwards to blend out, Once finished then go ahead and pack on "Bee" and slowly blend into the red which should create an orange color in the middle of the two.

Step Two.
Once you are happy with how the two colors are looking you can then go ahead and add the rest of the rainbow to your eye but please take you time and blend as much as you need to. Once your yellow is how you want it then go in and pack on "Skip" and blend blend blend, then go ahead and add the color "Brother" and blend when blending you should see a small amount of purple come together between the pink and the blue which is okay, that is what we want. Now go ahead and pack on the color "Social Blade" with this the color you can blend out as far of you like depending on how long you want your eye look to look.

Step Three.
Once you're again happy with how it all looks for far it's now time to move on and cut the crease to add some sparkle. Using some concealer carefully cut your crease I covered my whole lid and added a wing for eyeliner, make sure you put plenty on so then the color will stand out. Once you are then happy without that looks then go ahead and pack of the color "Ring Light" all over that concealer you just placed to give it some shine.

You should end up looking like this now (see below) If you’re not there yet don't worry take your time and make it as perfect as yourself.

Step Four.
This step is recreating what you did on the top underneath your eye, here you can make it as big or as small as you like so whatever your style go ahead and do that. Colors that are using are. "You're Kidding, Bee, Skip, Brother & Social Blade" I did this in the same order but you can change how you have them at the bottom you can have them going the same way or back to front.

Step Five.
And finally, add some of your favorite lashes and mascara and gems or glitter whatever you want to add your go ahead. I used Kiss Product lashes in Twilight which I'm obsessed with. I also added some gems which made me think of clouds.

You’re done! 
That’s is the final step to this look today if you have tried this out them tag me on Instagram @amyelizxoxoand don't forget to follow me as I post new look every day, Thank you so much for creating this look with me today I really hope you enjoy it, Comment below and let me know if you’re going to try this look yourself.

Much Love


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