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Hey I'm Amy! ❤️

Amyelizabethporter was published in 2015, With a lot of thought one of my friends encouraged me to start a blog, Four years later I am here today. Amyelizabethporter is my maiden name and I've always loved how it sounds all together so naming my blog after myself seem the right choice.

This blog contains a lot of Beauty and Makeup as they are the two main things I am passionate about. I also love talking about my Lifestyle which includes thing's I have been to see recently or just general chit chat. I am based in Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA). I was originally born and raised in United Kingdom and 2018 I moved to the United States with my husband to start our life together.

If you would like to work me and be featured on my blog then please go ahead to Work With Me page for all the information that you will need.

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